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Hi, I'm Becca!

As a sensitive, creative soul, I spent years feeling like I didn't belong, trying to be who others wanted me to be, and feeling like I could never truly be happy or love life. I thought there was something wrong with me for desiring more, and that I'd have to settle for a normal, complacent life. This led to depression and a rut it took years to get out of. I tried therapy and medication, I read all of the self-help books, I did all of the "steps" guaranteed to make me happy and successful, I even tried not caring anymore and just coasting through life with whatever got me through the days... and through it all, I was still unhappy.


​It wasn't until I truly understood and accepted myself for my uniqueness, worked through my conscious and unconscious ways keeping me in unhealthy patterns, and connected with my passion and purpose - a reason outside of myself to live and impact the world -  that I finally have experienced true happiness and excitement in life. Our lives are ours to create and experience as we want - they're not meant for us to merely settle into.


Similarly, you're meant for more. Your life path has always meant to be different from the norm, and the more you try to follow the cookie-cutter path the more lost and miserable you feel. That's why I'm here to support you with where you are right now on your life journey, help you reconnect to your vision and purpose, hold you accountable to making the changes you desire, and guide you back to your true self with a variety of techniques such as:


  • Life and Success Coaching

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) 

  • Myers-Briggs (MBTI )

  • Enneagram (IEQ9)

  • Human Design

  • Timeline Integration (TIME Techniques)

  • EFT Tapping

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Reiki 

  • Tarot

My Story

Hello, and welcome to my corner of the universe! 


I grew up as a deep-thinking, creative, sensitive, dreamer who felt like I didn't fit in anywhere, and I am so grateful to live a life I love where I get to fully and unapologetically be myself as I pursue my passion and purpose filled with supportive people.


But my life wasn't always like this.
I grew up with lots of trauma and challenges that weighed down on me, and I spent years constantly looking for approval from others while hiding my wants and needs to feel loved and accepted. I didn't know who I was or what I wanted, and thought if I kept doing the "right" things, eventually I'd end up happy and life would get easier.
Oh, was I wrong.

I spent years trying to be who others wanted me to be, until I realized just how much I hated myself and my life. I consumed by my depression, and as if I was meant to suffer, be miserable, and experience hardship after hardship. I thought acting edgy and tough would make me seem confident and carefree, but I truly felt like there was something wrong with me, and that I wasn't meant to be happy like others seemed.

I found myself feeling trapped, from being in a toxic and abusive relationship, to working various jobs that uninspired and depleted me for people who took advantage of me, thinking that I had to deal with being exhausted and mistreated to survive.


Like many others, I finally went to therapy, thinking that was the only support for my internal growth. After a few months I was always told that I was self-aware enough and they couldn't help me anymore (event though I was still unhappy), and I even had one therapist tell me that I would always need therapy and medication to function normally and be happy in life.


This was my pattern for many years, and I slowly felt my passion, motivation, and excitement for life be sucked out of me until I was just a shell of a human.

I stayed hidden behind an angsty attitude, constant irritability, and a victimizing mindset.

My life was unbearable, and I couldn't take it anymore. I knew I wanted better, but didn't know how to get there. It wasn't until I went to my first psychic session that my eyes started to open. She told me that I needed to step up and take control over my life again, and quit holding myself back from what I was meant to experience in this life. I remember specifically asking her if I would ever be happy, and she said as long as I put in the work to bettering my life, then yes.


I was so inspired that I dedicated myself to figuring out who I was and what I wanted, and worked through anything that was standing in my way so I could finally live a happy, inspiring, freeing, and peaceful life.

I was done allowing myself to stay stuck in situations that made me miserable, not following my calling and purpose, and being a victim to my circumstances.


I embraced my struggles as fuel to create a better life for myself, and motivation to be the best I can be for myself and others.


I used my challenges to better my life. 


Don't get me wrong, it wasn't simple or easy. I came across a lot of setbacks as I navigated through major changes that came from me stepping up (a break up, moving states, career changes, losing friends and family, etc.) on top of confronting many limiting beliefs and pressures - from family, society, and some that I'd been carrying with me since childhood.

Some days I celebrated, some days I cried, either way it took time, patience, repetition, and change for me to let go and move on from the comfort and safety of what I'd known and accepted as my life, story, and identity.

It was all worth it to finally reconnect with my true self and gain the clarity to know what my life is meant to look and feel like. 

The inner work never ends, it simply changes and grows with you, and it's worth it at every stage.

Now, I finally get to help people deeply with this exact same work, because I know from experience it's so much easier to get through when you have someone supporting you along the way. 

I know exactly who I am, what's important to me, what I have to offer the world, what my purpose is, how to live a lifestyle that excites me, and how to truly be myself without hiding behind personas or pretending to be what others might want.

And most importantly...

I refuse to settle for anything or anyone that doesn't allow me to embody my most authentic, motivated, and confident self.

I'd like to share a secret with you.

I didn't "discover" my true self in this process. There wasn't a profound experience where I "found myself." My true self was always there, and part of me always knew she was there. She was simply buried under layers and layers of pain, shame, and limiting beliefs. All I did was clear out the layers so she could exist freely again.

This is the same for you.


Your true self is within you. You probably already have a sense of who they are too. But they're staying hidden away under layers of struggles, pain, and trauma. I'm here to help you bring them to the surface and give them the space to exist the way they've always been meant to exist. I'm not here to tell you or show you who you're meant to be or what you're meant to do, I'm simply here to help support you in bringing what you already know to be true to your life, and show you how to make it last.

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