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Seasons of Self-Growth Workshop Bundle

Get a 4-pack bundle my four seasonal workshops and receive support and guidance for each of the stages of growth.


Each includes a workshop recording, workbook, spiritual practice, and bonus mobile wallpaper.


Winter Workshop: Learn how to set intentions for manifesting and taking aligned action, as well as how to reflect upon the past for lessons and insights to help guide you in the future. Spiritual practice includes a tarot reading spread to help you plan and prepare for the next phase in your journey.


Spring Workshop: Learn how to create and manage goals for long-term success, and how to break goals down into manageable and effective action steps. Spiritual practice includes a morning and evening meditation to help you stay aligned with your highest self every day.


Summer Workshop: Learn how to manage multiple paths and options, how to make the right decision when faced with various directions and feeling uncertain of which way to go, and self-exploration for what your ideal path is. Spiritual practice includes a manifestation/gratitude jar spell.


Autumn Workshop: Learn how to reframe limiting beliefs and change and disconnect from unhealthy mindsets and habits. Spiritual practice includes a cord cutting ritual to help you energetically detach from who or what you're ready to move on from.


Seasons of Self-Growth Workshop Bundle

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