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The Confident Creative

Are you tired of feeling stuck in the same place creatively, and are ready to finally be challenged? If you've been desiring more confidence in your creative visions and executions, and you benefit from having support of a community of like-minded individuals, this  course is perfect for you. It will help you:


  • Find inspiration and motivation with creative projects and ideas

  • Overcome comparing your skills and success to others 

  • Embrace and pursue your creativity in a unique and authentic way

  • Try something new, with less fear and intimidation to step outside of your comfort zone


In this 8-week self-study course, you are challenged to build confidence through pursuing a new creative technique or skill, of which you will share a project with the group at the end. This is a supportive, close environment where everyone is here to encourage, learn, and grow through their discomfort, building confidence in themselves and others.
I am here to help provide you with insights and techniques to find and overcome the core to your confidence struggles, and guide you to success with this challenge - of which you can take with you to continue expanding your success with your newly-gained confidence.

What's included in this program?

  • 5 Weekly Lesson Modules 

  • 1 Private 1:1 Call with Becca

  • Private Confident Creative Online Group for Support & Community

  • The Confident Creative E-Workbook 

  • Bonus Mobile Wallpaper & Guided Meditation


If you'd prefer a physical workbook, you can get one here.



The Confident Creative

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