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Read what my past clients are saying about working with me.

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"Sessions with Becca are absolutely transformative!


I’ve always struggled with having time to myself and constantly overwhelm myself with daily tasks. Becca created such a welcoming and safe space that I was able to really understand what patterns kept repeating for me without shame or self-judgment, which had been a big obstacle for me.


I look forward to each session we have, and I highly recommend sessions with Becca especially if you struggle with identity, creative burnout, or you’re unsure of the next steps. I am able to prioritize, organize, and continue to complete goals while still ensuring time for me thanks to Becca’s amazing ability to help organize, brainstorm, and coach. I was even able to set strong boundaries for myself and finally had the courage to walk away from several situations that no longer benefited me.


If you need a non-judgmental advocate and want to integrate all parts of yourself with self-love, Becca is the perfect coach for you!"

High Ticket Sales Mentor
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"When I started coaching with Becca, I was very unmotivated and depressed. I've tried therapy before and although helpful, I felt I needed some guidance and positive direction in the form of action that life coaching is more suited to.


Becca was very adaptive to my own pace and needs, and she really recognized/encouraged me creatively rather than trying to make me someone I'm not. She helped me connect back to my creative self again and pinpoint that my spirituality, desired work, and lifestyle revolve around creativity and that I should lean into it.


Becca has an intuitive and artistic mind, so that helps so much when you are an artist and need help connecting back to yourself, getting out of a creative block/rut, and/or trying to figure out new work/lifestyle ventures in the creative field. She can relate to what you're going through, which is imperative for a client who is in the arts. 


I had several breakthroughs during our time together that I will take with me for the rest of my life."

Pop/R&B Singer + Songwriter
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Comedy-Based Script/Song Writer
& Performer

"I truly didn’t believe in Life Coaching before this experience.  

I'm a very type A, over the top, organized and strategic person. I plan every step of the way, in every aspect of my life. So why would I need a life coach?


The thing you have to know is this - no matter how prepared we think we are, life happens and  changes ‘the plan’. So we then alter our steps over and over. No matter how organized we think we are, we could all use a little help. The plain and simple fact is that we as humans thrive with a support system. Someone to listen to your crazy plans with no judgment. They give you the tools to get to where you want to be. Whether they give us the tools we are lacking, or simply see strength within ourselves that we have yet to see, and pointing out the tools we have had all along. To me, life coaching is support, to simply point us in the right direction when we stray off of the path.

For me, Becca’s life coaching couldn’t have come at a better time. I was on my third move of the year and my to do list seemed to only grow no matter how many items I would check off. This is where the life coaching comes in. To have someone to speak with and verbally express your goals and aspirations makes all the difference. You will hear right away what is working and what isn't. From there, you will realistically build Right away, having written and  spoken the truths that you want and need, will do/succeed in…. you have already grown.  

To have someone who believes in you, judgment free, to help you grow, and wants to see you succeed makes all the difference in the world. The tiny steps that once seemed so daunting and  unattainable are suddenly within reach. A second set of eyes, a fresh new perspective; these are things that play into changing our future for the better, to help us overcome obstacles that we get stuck on.


Thank you so much Becca! You have helped me structure an attainable foundation and goals."   

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Cosmetic Tattoo & Microblading Tech,  
Yoga Instructor
Alternative Wedding/Event Floral Arranger & Designer

"What can I say about Becca?

 2020 hasn’t been the easiest year, but when I needed guidance during this time, Becca helped me to stay on track.


She knew what I needed to do in order to keep my personal and business life from constantly clashing with each other. She’s patient and understanding when it comes to specific pain points. She knows how to put you on a path that's not overbearing or too much to handle.


This has been an eye opening experience for me and Becca has honestly been the perfect guide for my journey.

She's an amazing life coach!"

"After spending just a few afternoons on the phone with Becca,

I was already feeling like I was making headway with goals I had been struggling with for a year or longer.

The thought of having a life coach seemed silly, but now that I have tried it, and worked with someone as grounded as Becca, I totally get it!"

Creative Portrait & Fine Art Photographer
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"I had a wonderful experience working with Becca in a 12-week course, guiding me through the beginning of my new chapter in life!


I've always wanted to explore and create artistic ways to express myself, but lacked the confidence. Becca helped lift the negative perspective for me throughout her coaching. Definitely amazing!


Over 2 months later, I'm still keeping up with my goals, still drawing little things every week - I'm even working on a new project right now!

But taking a step to the side and not even talking about artwork - Becca is so healing! I still feel her vibes, and A LOT of her course has helped me keep a firmer foot on the ground to help keep me grounded in just daily life.

Thank you a million, Becca!

I definitely recommend Becca to anyone who has a creative dream, but needs an extra boost of confidence to get that dream going!"

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SAHM, Photographer,
Visual Artist

Are you ready for the support and guidance to help you have a success story of your own?


"I decided to work with Becca because I was looking to clarify my personal and professional goals, get into action around them, and be held accountable. She was the perfect resource for helping me do that.


Becca was practical and action-oriented, and I was consistently impressed with the seemingly endless tools she had to help me define what I want and move through my resistance around getting it. She was always supportive and sensitive in demeanor, but challenging and determined in her approach. There was always a way forward - an exercise, a worksheet, a specific weekly task - so that I couldn’t get lost in the mental wheel-spinning that I often come up against.


It’s obvious that coaching is more vocation than job for Becca - she cares deeply about her clients and is dedicated to their growth. I would recommend her to anyone looking for practical support in breaking through their blocks and moving their life forward with clarity and purpose.

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