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deep dive intensive

If you’re desiring a profound change and deep insights like never before, are ready to feel strongly connected to your inner truth, and want to leave our session with clarity and action steps to implement on your own over the next 6+ months, a Deep Dive Intensive is the resource for you.

In this full-day single session, we'll use a blend of various modalities to take a deep look into your personal development on a conscious and unconscious level and help guide you to making the inner and outer changes to feel better about yourself and your life. The combination of strategic and energetic approach is essential for thoroughly understanding who you are, what's blocking you from getting to live as your truest self, and how to create a life you can thrive in.

This session includes life coaching mixed with your choice of 3 of the following modalities:


  • Myers-Briggs MBTI - to learn how you take in information and make decisions

  • Enneagram IEQ9 - to understand your ego, its tendencies, and how to break unhealthy patterns

  • Human Design - to learn how to make aligned decisions, your life purpose, and how you engage with the world

  • Timeline Integration - to take in the lessons and release the attachments to undesirable emotions or beliefs

  • Hypnotherapy - to align your subconscious mind with what you want to feel, be, and experience 

  • Parts Integration - to resolve inner conflict around a specific belief or situation

The investment for this service is $333, and payment is required at the time of booking.

If you have an interest in more long-term customized support and accountability, I recommend CYO as a better resource.

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