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If you're here then you’re probably exhausted from trying to do anything and everything to finally live your happiest, most passionate life, but feeling like there's no end in sight to the struggle and hustle. By investing in yourself through coaching, you’ll be taking the first, and most important, step in the right direction to what you want to experience. If you've been desiring more confidence, authenticity, and creativity in your life, this  program is perfect for you. The Confident Creative will help you:


  • Find inspiration and motivation with your hobbies, work, and lifestyle

  • Overcome comparing your skills, success, and life journey to others 

  • Embrace and pursue your inner creativity in a unique, authentic, and empowering way

  • Try something new, with less fear and intimidation to step outside of your comfort zone


  • Gain clarity about who you are, what you want, and what your next steps in life and growth should be

  • Become un-trapped from a state of survival-mode, feeling drained and powerless, and lacking energy or motivation

  • Break through your unhealthy and limiting inner beliefs, patterns, habits, and challenges that have been keeping you stuck, helping you break the layers of generational pain and trauma so you can change the unwanted cycles from your past 


  • Learn to balance multiple jobs/projects without overwhelm, communicate your needs and desires to others without ego reacting, and have the unshakable confidence to establish boundaries and reach your goals 


  • Take your personal power back so you quit allowing yourself to just go through the motions, letting months pass you by as you wait for, "Once this happens..." for you to finally be happy and enjoy your life and passions


In this 12-week coaching program, you are challenged to build confidence through pursuing a new creative technique or skill, of which you will share at the end of the program, while you receive deep coaching and mentoring over inner healing, personal growth, and self-empowerment. This is a supportive environment where you're here to learn and grow through your discomfort, building confidence in yourself as you connect with your inner passion and authentic purpose.


Using a blend of these four components...

  • Strategy: Goal Management, Vision Planning, & Establishing An Inspiring Lifestyle

  • Self-Exploration: Self-Awareness, Understanding & Accepting Your Authentic Self

  • Clarity: Finding Direction, Managing Options, & Taking Aligned Actions

  • Inner Growth: Releasing Unhealthy Beliefs, Habits, Patterns, & Behaviors

This program will allow you to find the tools, resources, and insights you need to push forward in the best way both strategically and energetically. In doing so, you can finally let go of what's been keeping you stuck in the cycle of complacency and insecurity, and grow into your happiest, most authentic self, so you can have a life you love and desire, pursue your passions confidently and in inspired action, and ultimately give back to the world as only you can!

What's included in this program?

  • 6 1:1 Bi-Weekly Sessions

  • Customized Assignments and Action Steps 

  • Personality-Based Growth Assessments & Facilitation

  • Direct Email/Text Access for Additional Coach Support & Accountability

  • Check-Ins Between Sessions

  • Private Confident Creative Online Group For Peer Support & Community

  • BONUS Confident Creative Resource Kit


"I had a wonderful experience working with Becca in a 12-week course, guiding me through the beginning of my new chapter in life!


I've always wanted to explore and create artistic ways to express myself, but lacked the confidence. Becca helped lift the negative perspective for me throughout her coaching. Definitely amazing!


Over 2 months later, I'm still keeping up with my goals, still drawing little things every week - I'm even working on a new project right now!

But taking a step to the side and not even talking about artwork - Becca is so healing! I still feel her vibes, and A LOT of her course has helped me keep a firmer foot on the ground to help keep me grounded in just daily life. Thank you a million, Becca!

I definitely recommend Becca to anyone who has a creative dream, but needs an extra boost of confidence to get that dream going!"

SAHM, Photographer, Visual Artist

"When I started coaching with Becca, I was very unmotivated and depressed. I've tried therapy, and although helpful, I felt I needed some guidance and positive direction in the form of action that life coaching is more suited to.


Becca was very adaptive to my own pace and needs, and she recognized/encouraged me creatively rather than trying to make me someone I'm not.


She helped me connect back to my creative self and pinpoint that my spirituality, desired work, and lifestyle revolve around creativity and to lean into it.


Becca has an intuitive and artistic mind, which helps so much when you're an artist and need help connecting back to yourself, getting out of a creative block/rut, and/or trying to figure out new work/lifestyle ventures in the creative field. She can relate to what you're going through, which is imperative for a client who is in the arts. 


I had several breakthroughs during our time together that I will take with me for the rest of my life."

Pop/R&B Singer + Songwriter
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Pay in full Discount


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(3) Monthly Payments


Are you ready to expand your confidence in creative and personal expression to a whole new level?




How do I know if this program is right for me?

This program was designed for intuitive creatives who are:


  • Pursuing a freelance passion full time, part time, or even as a side project or hobby

  • Aware that it's time for inner change and growth, and are ready to do whatever necessary to make it happen

  • Willing and able to think outside the box to get the results they want

  • Committed to doing the inner and outer work, and shows up 100% to all sessions and assignments

  • Looking for more aligned and authentic strategy and insight in their lives

  • Are passionate about wanting to better themselves and the world around them

It's NOT for you if you are:

  • Not committed to giving 100%, and are flaky or distracted with sessions and assignments 

  • Wanting a quick fix without much work or effort

  • Unwilling to change, experiment, or grow with the process

  • Unable to be accountable, honest, respectful, open-minded, or have integrity 

  • "Stuck in your ways", "Just the way you are", victimizing, or use excuses instead of having self-responsibility 


If you're unsure, and want to talk with me before booking, book a free Breakthrough Session with me to discuss.


Is this just for artists? What if I'm not creative?

You don't have to be an artist or full-time creator to be a creative. This is for anyone who wants to take their creative skills or talents to a deeper level that gives them excitement and purpose and encourages them to help or inspire others through their work. I believe that self-expression and creativity go hand in hand. So if you feel like you "aren't creative", I'd be curious as to if this is a belief or block potentially holding you back and if there are other areas of your life you aren't expressing yourself. If that's the case I'd love to help you love and connect to your creative side more. All I really ask is that you be open to creative ideas and experimentation.

I'm really interested, but am not sure if I can afford it?

Remember, this is a high-quality investment in yourself, and through coaching you will gain knowledge and skills that will forever change your life. So if you're a little nervous about the financial commitment, I want to reassure you that that's good and completely normal; it means you'll be dedicated, excited, and invested in the work. I do offer a 3-month payment plan as an option if you're unable to pay in full. If that amount is still completely unattainable, and you're really interested and committed to the program, send me a message and we'll discuss further options.

I'm so busy, how much time will I have to commit to this?


Our 1:1 sessions are booked every other week, and are approximately an hour long. If there's a scheduling conflict, you have the option to reschedule your session up to 24 hours prior for no later than one week after our originally agreed upon time. Assignments and action steps vary after every session, but should average to about 5 hours of work in between appointments. I'm understanding if any conflicts come up, but the less committed you are the less benefits you're going to get out of our time working together. I can't do the work for you, so remember you get as much as you put in.


What if I already have a therapist?

I'm an overall supporter of therapy and have even seen therapists myself. Coaching and therapy are different, the main component being that in coaching we focus on the present and future more than the past, and if we do discuss the past it's only in terms of creating the present/future you want. I'm not a therapist/mental health professional, and coaching is not a replacement for therapy or anything your mental health providers direct you to do. That being said, coaching can be a good supplemental source of accountability and support in moving forward with your goals and mindset, and I've had clients do both simultaneously and said they were glad they benefited from having both resources.


Can I cancel or get a refund if I change my mind?


This program is non-refundable, as I don't want you to book unless you're it's a 100% perfectly aligned fit for both of us. If you're unsure, I invite you to schedule a free breakthrough session with me here so we can talk 1:1 before booking.  


What results can I expect to get from this program?

The short answer: You get what you put into it.



The long answer: I can't guarantee you any specific results or benefits, but I can assure you that if you show up willing, honest, and receptive to our sessions and do the assignments/action steps assigned that you will benefit from our work together. You'll gain clarity about your vision, set and surpass multiple goals, feel happier and more confident, excited, passionate, and motivated, learn about and connect to yourself on a deep level, do subconscious healing, improve your communication and relationships with others, have an organized plan of action for your creative path, etc. it's all unique to your specific situation. But if you don't show up and don't do the work, I can guarantee that you won't be in any better of a place than you are right now. The decision to grow and improve your life is up to you.

If you have any other questions, send me an email and let's chat.


Hi There, I'm Becca!


Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of living a life I loved and was excited about. I wanted to do something creative and meaningful, but I spend many years putting my desires aside for the love and acceptance of others. The problem was that in searching for others' approval, I wasn't living a life I liked - or even wanted. I was in a toxic relationship, being overworked at jobs I hated, and constantly felt exhausted, stressed, purposeless, and overall miserable.

I felt like my life was meaningless and like I didn't belong anywhere.

Until one day, when I realized I couldn't live like that anymore - something needed to change. I knew I had something amazing to offer, deserved to finally feel happy, and needed to find my place in the world. I started doing the inner work to learn who I was and what I wanted in life - then made it happen.

If I wanted to have the life I'd always dreamt of, I had to make it happen!

Now, here I am reconnected to my purpose and living aligned and true to my unapologetically authentic self. I'm surrounded by people who support, love, and accept me for who I am, and I finally have a lifestyle doing what I love and am passionate about fulltime! 

I'm here to help you finally live your passion- and purpose-filled dream life!

If you've gotten this far, and you're still unsure, that's perfectly okay! My advice is not to sign up unless you're 100% sure, because I genuinely want you to be ready to take the next step, dedicated to doing the work needed, and excited about this life-changing decision you're about to make for yourself. If you're interested, but not 100% yet, message me so I can answer any questions and relieve any concerns you might have.

If after reading this you already know you're committed and ready to get started, get signed up today and book your first session now!

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