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The Cocoon

✨ Maybe you're newer to the world of self-growth and healing, and want to dive into learnings on your own before potentially working in a 1:1 capacity.

✨ Maybe you've found you prefer working on your growth individually in a self-study fashion.

✨ Maybe you like using a variety of tools and modalities to help deepen your growth versus only purchasing one thing at a time, and would love a bundle option.

✨ Maybe you'd love to only have to pay once for lifetime access to resources you can revisit again and again whenever you need them, AND get automatic access to new resources added.


I invite you to enter The Cocoon, a space to focus more on you and your growth, healing, and wellbeing. Before we can move forward, it's important to understand how and why we got to our present place, embrace the layers of truths in our current situation, and embody who and what we want moving forward. Many personal development resources will touch on one or two things, but this one provides you with a lot of depth in a variety of areas as a must-have kit for those interested in personal growth and healing. 

With this resource bundle, you will have access to an ever-growing list of tools and resources to help you continue to deepen your healing journey, including:

✨Tarot Reading/Life Coaching Session
✨Surviving to Thriving Workbook
✨Seasons of Self-Growth Workshop Bundle
✨Human Design Info Books
✨5 Secrets to Overcoming Creative Blocks & Burnout Masterclass
✨Inner Child Healing Bundle
✨One Month to Mindfulness Journal Calendar
✨Monthly Goal-Setting Workbook
✨Collection of Guided Meditations
✨Worksheets & Info Sheets for Growth & Healing
✨Inspirational Spotify Playlist
✨Self-Help Book List
✨Sigil Journal & Sticker*
✨Customized Intention Necklace*
✨Customized Written Metaphor*
✨Extra Surprise Goodies*

and more as I continue to build this container.

The investment for this resource is $222, book your tarot reading here and receive access to the resources immediately.

*Everything marked * will be mailed to you at a later time, everything else is digital.

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