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life coach for inner healing, creative living, authentic expression, & empowering growth


Hey friend!


I know you've been feeling so stressed, drained, uninspired, unmotivated, stuck, unfocused, and depleted for too long. 


You've been trying to do everything you're "supposed" to do to be happy and confident in yourself and your life, but you've been left feeling pressured, exhausted, and frustrated that you're still not where you want to be.


You've been waiting for, "Once _____ happens" to finally enjoy your life and pursue your creative passions, but there always seems to be another thing in the way from you actually doing so.

You've been different your whole life, never wanting to just fit in and settle for "normal", but you also haven't learned what other options there are for you to actually live a lifestyle that naturally works with your uniqueness and desires.


 You've been supporting and giving to everyone else for so long, and are now ready to prioritize yourself by reconnecting with your inner strength and authenticity, reigniting your passion and excitement for life, and bringing your deepest inner visions to fruition.


I'm here to reflect to you the truth that's been buried underneath layers of limitations, to help you refocus your time and energy on what you truly love, to show you what's actually possible for you outside of your current experiences, to support you in making the changes needed to thrive as your most empowered self... all in an encouraging, non-judgmental, and accountable way.

I believe the world is like one big puzzle, and all of us make up the individual puzzle pieces. If we're trying to force ourselves into fitting into the spots that are incorrect for us just to fit somewhere, we're missing out on finding the perfect place that is waiting for us that we were destined for - doing a disservice to ourselves and the world. Let me help you connect with the truth that is your puzzle piece.


I help the sensitive, creative individuals who are old enough to know that what you've been doing isn't working anymore and young enough to be open to change and growth, to finally connect with your unique inner strength and gifts, live in passion, purpose, and excitement, and make your inner visions a reality.

3 Paths to Discovery
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Where Do I Start?

Take this free archetype quiz to get lovingly called out for where you're stuck, and see what growth and inner transformation you're ready for next.

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Client Results
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"When I started coaching with Becca, I was very unmotivated and depressed. I've tried therapy before and although helpful, I felt I needed some guidance and positive direction in the form of action that life coaching is more suited to.


Becca was very adaptive to my own pace and needs, and she really recognized/encouraged me creatively rather than trying to make me someone I'm not. She helped me connect back to my creative self again and pinpoint that my spirituality, desired work, and lifestyle revolve around creativity and that I should lean into it.


Becca has an intuitive and artistic mind, so that helps so much when you are an artist and need help connecting back to yourself, getting out of a creative block/rut, and/or trying to figure out new work/lifestyle ventures in the creative field. She can relate to what you're going through, which is imperative for a client who is in the arts. 


I had several breakthroughs during our time together that I will take with me for the rest of my life."

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Self-Study Resources
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Collaborations and Features
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About Becca

As a sensitive and creative soul, I spent years feeling like I didn't belong, trying to be who others wanted me to be, and feeling like I could never truly be happy in life. I thought there was something wrong with me for wanting different, and that I'd have to give up on my desires and settle for "fine." This led to depression, stress, exhaustion, unhealthy choices, and a rut of many years. I tried traditional therapy and medication, I read all of the self-help books, I did all of the "steps" guaranteed to make me happy and successful, I confided in friends and family for support, I even tried not caring anymore and just coasting through life with whatever got me through the days... but through it all, I was still unhappy.


​It wasn't until I truly understood and accepted myself for my authentic uniqueness, worked through my conscious and unconscious habits and beliefs keeping me in unhealthy patterns in a way that actually worked, and connected with my passion and purpose - a reason outside of myself to live and impact the world -  that I finally have experienced true happiness, peace, and excitement in life. 

I'm going to be honest with you, there wasn't a profound experience where I "discovered" or "found myself." My true self was always there, and part of me always knew that. She was simply buried under layers and layers of pain, shame, hurt, fear, regret, and feelings of unworthiness. All I did was clear out the layers so she could exist freely again, and chose to create a life I wanted to live versus merely settling into what was typical, familiar, or expected of me. 


This is the same for you. You probably already have a sense of who your true self is and what you desire, probably also under layers of pain, doubts, fears, and influences from others. I help you bring them to the surface and give them the space to exist the way they've always meant to and be embraced in a loving, accepting, unjudgmental way so you can pursue the life you want to life and thrive in it. Your life path has always meant to be different from the norm, and the more you try to follow the cookie-cutter path the more lost and miserable you feel. That's why I'm here to empower you to cultivate your inner strength, faith, and flow to make your visions your reality.

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Connect with Me

Use this form - or the chat bubble below - to contact me with questions or collaboration requests. I will get back to you as soon as I'm able.

Thanks for reaching out, I will be in touch soon! -Becca

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