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I'm here to help you embody your most authentic, creative, and confident self!

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As a creative, sensitive, and intuitive soul, I know the struggle of:


  • Having little to no confidence in yourself, your skills, or your abilities

  • Feeling trapped in your mundane life/job/relationship (all of the above), going through the motions day-by-day just trying to get by

  • Not having the motivation or energy to start (let alone complete) your goals or creative ideas, they always feels unattainable 

  • always putting your friends, family, work, partners first, and not always feeling supported by them 

  • Feeling weighed down by the overwhelming fear of failure and replays of doubts and comparisons in your head

  • Dreading when people ask you your 5-year plan, because everything feels like, "one step forward, 5 steps back"

  • Feeling like you constantly have to wear a mask or change yourself to be happy, successful, or loved and accepted by others

  • Always feeling like happiness is beyond reach, and thinking "once ___ happens, I'll FINALLY be happy" 

  • Working job after job you hate to make ends meet, while your passions are neglected

  • Knowing you are here to do something more purposeful than just surviving, but you keep second guessing yourself

  • Dreaming of a life of freedom, happiness, and excitement... but feeling stuck where you are with no way to achieve that dream life


What if I told you this didn't have to be your life anymore?

Because it doesn't.

You are worthy and capable of living your complete dream life; doing work that excites and fulfills you, experiencing loving and uplifting relationships, creating art through your own visions and through deep collaborative connections, and getting to finally live your life as your most:

unapologetic self.

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