It's never too early, nor too late,

to transform your life into what you truly want!

I spent years going through the motions and living under others' expectations, with no vision for myself. I burnt myself out doing what I thought I was supposed to do, while avoiding what I actually desired. After reaching an emotional low and creative slump with no end in sight, I finally had a much-needed tough love talk with myself; the zero motivation, lack of confidence, unhealthy relationships (with no boundaries), and negatively reacting to everything in my life all had to go!  Now I'm here to help you  experience this transformation as well.

I'm Becca Briggs, a Self-Transformational Life Coach,

and I help creative freelancers who are feeling burnt out and uninspired to find what's holding them back so they can express themselves fully and authentically, discover new ways to make more money doing what they love, and rekindle their motivation and excitement for life and creating.


Choose the answer that resonates with you the most.

There's no judgement for whichever you choose and your answers remain confidential,

so be honest with yourself!


Don't Just Take MY Word For It Though.....


"Where to begin?  

I truly didn’t believe in Life Coaching before this experience. 

For me, Becca’s life coaching couldn’t have come at a better time. To have someone to speak with and verbally express your goals and aspirations who believes in you, judgment free, to help you grow, and wants to see you succeed makes all the difference in the world. The tiny steps that once seemed so daunting and unattainable are suddenly within reach... these are things that play into changing our future for the better, to help us overcome obstacles that we get stuck on." 

So, What Do You Think? Are you ready to welcome more

Confidence, Passion, Motivation, Self-Expression, Abundance, Authenticity, Excitement, and Fulfillment

​into your life?