"Your authentic, creative expression is your fingerprint being left on the world. Own it and leave your mark wherever you go."

As a freelance creator myself, I spent years going through the motions:


  • Mindlessly creating just to stay relevant - even if I didn't like the projects - until I was exhausted and burnt out

  • Being stuck in frequent creative blocks with no way out of them

  • Lacking confidence and boundaries with others and myself

  • Feeling weighed down by my ongoing fear of failure, belief of not being good or worthy enough, and harsh criticisms and comparisons

  •  thinking I had to do or be what others want and approve of to be "successful" - putting my own wants, needs, and desires aside

  • Having little to no support from my family, friends, and partner

  • Working jobs I hated to make ends meet, while my passions were neglected

  • Dreaming of a life of freedom and excitement, getting to travel the world, experiencing life fully, collaborating with other amazing and talented creators... but feeling stuck where I was with no way to get to that dream life


But deep down I KNEW I was meant to do something more purposeful with my creativity - something intuitive and meaningful that would make a difference and impact people in an empowering way. I didn't know exactly what it was or what I had to offer yet, but once I hit rock bottom, I KNEW it was time to figure it out, quit holding myself back, and take the necessary actions so I could FINALLY live the dream life I had always desired.

I'm Becca Briggs, a Fine Art Model/Artist and Creative Life Coach,

and I help intuitive, creative freelancers get unstuck so they can authentically reconnect with their creative selves, be excited doing what they love, and share their passions and skills with the world in a more purposeful and impactful way.


Choose the answer that resonates with you the most.

There's no judgement for whichever you choose and your answers remain confidential,

so be honest with yourself!


So, what do you think?

Are you ready to re-spark your purpose and excitement for creating, learn how to be authentic and successful as a freelancer, and figure out how to share your unique skills and talents in a deeper, more meaningful way?