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Are you ready to create a life you love?

Becca Briggs, CLC

Hello, my sensitive, creative friend! If you've been feeling blocked, bored, or burnt out in your life, and you're ready to get refocused so you can use your energy, gifts, and skills to live in passion and purpose, changing the world with your inner power and creative expression... you've come to the right place.


Life can feel overwhelming when you're working against your desires and true way of being, but you don't have to go through this alone anymore. I'm here to help support you in an encouraging, non-judgmental, and accountable way using 3 steps:

Review - Examine what's currently working and not working, bringing clarity to your goals, vision, and purpose

Reset - Identify your limitations, habits, beliefs, or patterns keeping you stuck, replacing them with more empowering choices

Refine - Take attainable and impactful action steps to make the changes needed in your life to live more authentically

3 Paths to Clarity

"When I started coaching with Becca, I was very unmotivated and depressed. I've tried therapy before and although helpful, I felt I needed some guidance and positive direction in the form of action that life coaching is more suited to.


Becca was very adaptive to my own pace and needs, and she really recognized/encouraged me creatively rather than trying to make me someone I'm not. She helped me connect back to my creative self again and pinpoint that my spirituality, desired work, and lifestyle revolve around creativity and that I should lean into it.


Becca has an intuitive and artistic mind, so that helps so much when you are an artist and need help connecting back to yourself, getting out of a creative block/rut, and/or trying to figure out new work/lifestyle ventures in the creative field. She can relate to what you're going through, which is imperative for a client who is in the arts. 


I had several breakthroughs during our time together that I will take with me for the rest of my life."


Work With Me


What are your next steps in growth?

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