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How do I know if working together is right for me?

This is definitely for you if you are:


  • A deep, sensitive, creative soul who's always felt like the black sheep of your family or a weirdo in the world

  • Experiencing a major life change that's caused an identity-crisis feeling, and you want to reset and relearn who you are, what you want, and what to do next

  • Tired of repeating old patterns and behaviors, and are wanting to actively break unhealthy and unwanted cycles, both learned generationally and from your past self

  • Aware that it's time for inner change and growth, and are ready to do whatever necessary to make it happen

  • Willing and able to think outside the box to get the results you want

  • Wanting to change your mindset, habits, and heal your inner child so you can live a more healthy and ease-filled life

  • Committed to doing the inner and outer work, and showing up 100% to all sessions and assignments

  • Open to confronting all parts of yourself, good and bad, so you can heal, forgive, accept, and love yourself fully

  • Looking for a more aligned and authentic lifestyle, even if that goes against what your family or past self wants

  • Passionate about wanting to better yourself, the world around you, and future generations

It's probably NOT a good fit for you if you are:

  • Not committed to giving 100%, and are flaky or distracted with sessions and assignments 

  • Wanting a quick fix without much work or effort

  • Unwilling to change, experiment, or grow with the process

  • Manipulative, doing or saying anything to seem like you're "healthier/better" than you are, and hiding your true self

  • Easily offended and become closed off or reactive when given constructive feedback

  • Unable to be accountable, honest, respectful, open-minded, or have integrity 

  • "Stuck in your ways", "Just the way you are", or use other excuses to justify why you think or do unhealthy things

  • Living at effect of your circumstances, being a victim to your situations or others instead of having self-responsibility


If you're unsure, and want to talk with me before booking, book a free Breakthrough Session with me to discuss.

I'm really interested, but am not sure if I can afford it?

This is a high-quality investment in yourself, and through coaching you will gain knowledge and skills that will forever change your life. This alone should be worth the investment, as it will bring you more long-term benefits than alternatives we tend to spend our money on for a quick fix or distraction from our healing areas. I want to reassure you that it's okay and completely normal to be a little nervous about the financial commitment because it means you'll be dedicated, excited, and invested in the work. I also try to price my offers as reasonably I can for the amount of support I provide, because I'm a firm believer that personal growth resources should be attainable no matter your financial situation, and I'm not looking to add any financial burdens. I understand life happens though, and offer a 3-month payment plan as an option if you're unable to pay in full. If that amount is still completely unattainable, but you're really interested and committed to doing the work, contact me and we'll discuss additional options.

I'm so busy, how much time will I have to commit to this?


Personal growth is not a one-time-thing; it's a lifestyle. So hopefully you're dedicated enough to commit to it every day. In terms of my coaching offers, it varies per service. 


For my 12-week program: Our 1:1 sessions are booked every other week, and are approximately 1-2 hours long. If there's a scheduling conflict, you have the option to reschedule your session up to 24 hours prior ideally for no later than one week after our originally agreed upon time. Assignments and action steps vary after every session, but should average to about 5 hours of work in between appointments, in addition to any other action steps you assign yourself.


For my 1-month intensive: Our 1:1 sessions are booked once a week for 3 consecutive weeks, and are approximately 1 hour long. Action steps vary depending on the types of sessions, but may average 1-2 hours of work in between appointments, in addition to any other action steps you assign yourself. If there's a scheduling conflict, you have the option to reschedule your session up to 24 hours prior for another day that week.


For my deep dive session: We have a one-time, all day 1:1 session that is approximately 4-6 hours long. If there's a scheduling conflict, you have the option to reschedule your session up to 24 hours prior. Assignments and action steps vary after the session, but you should leave with enough to work on gradually over the next 6 months. 

For my single session: The session is booked for 1 hour, with an extra 30 minutes allotted in case we need extra time, and will only have prior work for you to do to prepare if you request a Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, or Human Design session. If there's a scheduling conflict, you have the option to reschedule your session up to 24 hours prior.


I'm understanding if any conflicts come up, but the less committed you are the less benefits you're going to get out of our time working together. I can't do the work for you, so remember you get as much as you put in.


What if I already have a therapist?

I'm an overall supporter of therapy, and have even seen therapists myself. Coaching and therapy are different, the main component being that in coaching we focus on the present and future more than the past, and if we discuss the past it's in terms of creating the present/future you want. I'm not a therapist/mental health professional, and coaching is not a replacement for therapy or anything your mental health providers direct you to do. That being said, coaching can be a good supplemental source of accountability and support in moving forward with your goals, healing, and mindset, and I've had clients do both simultaneously and said they were glad they benefited from having both resources.


Can I cancel or get a refund if I change my mind?


My services are all non-refundable, as I don't want you to book unless you're it's a 100% perfectly aligned fit for both of us. If you're unsure, I am happy to have a free introductory session so we can talk before committing.  


What results can I expect to get from this program?

The short answer: You get what you put into it.

The long answer: I can't guarantee you any specific results or benefits, but I can assure you that if you show up willing, honest, and receptive to our sessions and do the assignments/action steps assigned that you will benefit from our work together. You'll gain clarity about your vision, set and surpass multiple goals, feel happier and more confident, passionate, and motivated, learn about and connect to your true self on a deeper level, do subconscious, generational, and inner child healing, improve your communication and relationships with others, experience more healthy personal and creative expression, etc. it's all unique to your specific situation. But if you don't show up and don't do the work, I guarantee that you won't be in any better of a place than you are right now. The decision to grow and improve your life is up to you.

If you have any other questions, contact me and let's chat.