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If you're here then you’re probably exhausted from trying to do anything and everything to live a life you love, but feeling like there's no end in sight to the struggle and overwhelm pushing you back down. I've found that so often when we're feeling stuck, depressed, unmotivated, burnt out, frustrated, and miserable in our lives it's usually because we're drained from focusing on and forcing the wrong things instead of living true to ourselves and our purpose. We're putting all of our attention, energy, and resources on solving or achieving something, that we don't always see the options, paths, or big picture of our reality. I'm here to help put this into perspective for you, reflect to you the truth of your current situation, and guide you towards the pathways of possibility that support you in creating your own lifestyle, vision, and rules for life that'll leave you feeling excited, at peace, and amazed this is reality and not just a daydream. Through coaching, you will:


  • Find inspiration and motivation in your hobbies, work, relationships, spirituality, and lifestyle

  • Overcome comparing your skills, success, identity, worthiness, and life to others 

  • Embrace and pursue your inner desires and visions in a unique, authentic, and empowering way

  • Take new action, with less fear and intimidation, outside of your comfort zone


  • Gain clarity about who you are, what you truly want, and what your next steps in life and growth are

  • Become un-trapped from a state of survival-mode, feeling drained and powerless, and having no energy or motivation

  • Break through the unhealthy and limiting inner beliefs, patterns, habits, and challenges that have been keeping you stuck

  • Take your personal power back so you quit waiting for, "Once ______ finally happens..."  to actually be happy and enjoy life

  • Embody your most confident, authentic, and empowered self in all aspects of your life

I'm here to help support you by reflecting to you the truth and possibility that lies outside of your current situation in an encouraging, non-judgmental, and accountable way to:

Review - Examine what's currently working and not working, bring clarity to your vision, purpose, and direction

Reset - Identify your limitations, habits, beliefs, or patterns keeping you stuck and replace them with more empowering choices

Refine - Take attainable and impactful action steps to make the necessary changes to overcome your current challenges

I use a variety of coaching tools and techniques to guide you to your inner truth and most aligned way of living, including:

  • Myers-Briggs MBTI - to learn how you take in information and make decisions

  • Enneagram IEQ9 - to understand your ego, its tendencies, and how to break unhealthy patterns

  • Human Design - to learn how to make aligned decisions, your life purpose, and how you engage with the world

  • Timeline Integration - to take in the lessons and release the attachments to undesirable emotions or beliefs

  • Hypnotherapy - to align your subconscious mind with what you want to feel, be, and experience 

  • Tarot + NLP Life Coaching - to provide clarity, support, and guidance around a specific situation in your life

  • Reiki - to balance and align your energy centers, moving and releasing any stagnant or unwanted energies

I am a firm believer in offering support that fulfills everyone's individual needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter program template. This package is fully custom-tailored by both of us to fit your preferences and budget, and give you the highest valued support and accountability so you can experience the results you want as quickly as possible, including the:

  • Length of Support

  • Frequency of Sessions

  • Level of Accountability

The investment for this service ranges from $500 - $3000 depending on the variables we discuss and choose, with both pay in full and monthly payment plan options available. Complete this form to start a conversation with me, where we can talk about your needs and create the perfect support plan for you.

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